Many people often ask how you get into recruitment...

It's very rare to have been at school and to have decided that you wanted to gain a career as a Recruitment Consultant. However, it's one of those jobs that if you have stayed in it for 2 years then it is unlikely that you will want to change career! It's an amazing opportunity to do several roles combined into one...never a dull moment!

Working for the Wise Recruitment Group offers so many different avenues for you to develop your career.

Therefore, the best way of getting to know us is through our people. This section shares our stories of working within the Group, in different roles. The aim is to give you an insight as to why we joined and what our jobs entail.

We hope you enjoy the Inside Stories!


   Jackie Carson - Operations Manager - Wise Employment Click here to read her story! 


  Laura Phillips - Recruitment and Training Manager - Wise Recruitment Group Click here to read her story!

  Andy Harrison - IT Support - Wise Recruitment Group click here to read his story

 Gemma Peet - Head Office and Social Media Administrator - Wise Recruitment Group Click here to read her story!