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YOUR CV – These are Recruiters CV nightmares!


 1.    No Profile

Cv’s can really fail if there is no profile – a profile shows what you are, what skills/experience you have and what you are looking for ..it sets the scene. 

2) The CV crammer

When writing your career history – don’t insert the job spec!  Just give an overview of key responsibilities and the achievements you’ve had whilst in the role. Mention any particular software used.  It needs to be easy to read!

3) The funky formatter

You may think that inserting funky pictures and using different fonts and columns is eye catching.  However, it’s distracting and can be difficult to read!  Stick to a professional CV format and keep your “funky” work in a portfolio if you are striving to show your capabilities with software!

4) Mind the Gaps!!!

If you have had time off between jobs then you need to explain them!  Recruiters look for continuity and reasons for leaving.  Therefore, if you are leaving gaps then you might get discounted!  Job seeking, travel, caring for a relative?  Then explain this on the CV!

5) Beware your reasons for leaving!

NEVER denounce a Company where you were working!  It’s horses for courses.  If you’ve had a bad experience with a Company then as a Recruiter we are sorry to hear that but state you moved on as the position wasn’t suitable! You took a change of career, left for better prospects.  Negativity doesn’t go down well with future employers.

6) The arrogant applicant

NEVER claim you have done something unless it’s backed up in truth!  “Won a £2.5M deal”?  Was it you and a team of 19 others?  If you state that it was you alone then be prepared to be asked exactly how you did that!

7) The date denier

“Check your dates of employment are correct!  If taking up references then this is the first thing to be verified.  Dates must be correct! Don’t try to extend them …fibs get found out!

8) The role reverser

It’s important that your CV flows and is in date order starting with most recent working back!  Don’t try to highlight previous roles where your skills may be more relevant to the job that you are applying for.  All Recruiters/Employers will want to know what you are doing right now!

9) The space waster

Don’t waste space on your CV.    It needs to be clearly laid out.  Keep to Profile, Software skills and relevant courses, career history, Education and Qualifications.  If you are a more mature candidate then your education can go on the last page and highlight your skills and experience, whereas, if you are a recent graduate then profile your degree or equivalent on the front page.  Be sensible about what you are writing and think of what will be attractive to a future employer regarding your skills, qualifications and experience.

10) The Bad Speller!

CHECK YOUR CV!  If you’ve had a friend write your CV then you check it too!!  Ensure that the grammar and spelling is perfect on your CV.  Any recruiter finding basic spelling errors is likely to ditch your application.